Last year the Glassbrook Neighborhood Cleanup Team was instrumental in supporting a new City of Hayward Illegal Dumping Ordinance that held landlords of multifamily units accountable for the parking strip area in front of their units.  Previously the strip of lawn between the sidewalk and the street in front of multifamily units was considered public property, resulting in the City of Hayward spending over $400,000 per year in hauling away trash and debris.

We have Great News!  After a one year trial, the City of Hayward is reporting the following results:

1) The cubic yardage of dumped items that the City has had to haul away at taxpayer expense has been reduced by 25% over the prior year.

2) The City issued 59 notices to landlords when huge piles of trash appeared in the parking strips directly in front of their multifamily properties.  Of these, 91% cooperated with the City and hauled away their own trash, no longer at City expense.  Landlords are taking more responsibility to work with their tenants to handle illegal dumping.

3) Significantly, about 75% of all the notices sent to landlords to remove dumped piles occurred at apartment buildings within 1.5 miles of Glassbrook School.  In other words, our neighborhood is ground zero for problem dumping, and our neighborhood is benefiting the most from increased landlord & tennant responsibility!

The results are impressive and really show in our neighborhood!  Thank you all for supporting these cleanup efforts!


Greg Galati, Glassbrook Cleanup Team Volunteer Leader


About Colleen Arnold, PhD

Psychotherapist, Mother and Writer, not necessarily in that order.
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