This past Saturday 40 Glassbrook Neighbors, Students and Parents joined in our monthly community cleanup effort.  Here are photos that show the great community effort shared by all:

The Glassbrook Neighborhood Cleanup Team!

Councilman Mark Salinas (Center) and two of the 15 students who whipped up an amasing pancake breakfast for all our volunteers! And they do it month after month! Councilman Salinas is a History and Social Sciences Professor at Chabot, and also teaches Political Science at Cal State East Bay. He encourages his students to volunteer in Hayward. Special Thanks to Councilman Salinas for his strong support of Cleaning and Greening Efforts in Hayward, especially the new Illegal Dumping Ordinance which is a needed and aggressive tool to fight neighborhood dumping and blight!

Special Thanks to Mrs. Rosalva Ruiz and Mrs. Maria Radilla who expertly handle the litter grabber checkout and insure that every young volunteer leaves with a bag of popcorn. They also are soliciting donations from local retailers to offer as prizes to our volunteers. Thanks to their efforts Mi Pueblo has donated $100 in gift certificates — a few are raffled off to volunteers each monthly cleanup! Way to go Rosalva and Maria!

Some of the happy student volunteers who won prizes at the raffle after the Cleanup. Special Thanks to Principal Jessica Saavedra who infuses the day with community pride and enthusiasm! Principal Saavedra was able to come up with many raffle prizes and put together a fabulous slide show documenting the efforts of the entire Glassbrook Community! Today we again cleaned 5 miles of streets including Gading, Patrick, Schafer, Chisolm Court, Huntwood down to Harris, and parts of Tyr

Sadly, here is what we have to clean up in our neighborhood. This was the scene on Huntwood this Saturday morning…dumped mattresses and bags of possessions strewn all over. Please spread the word that dumping hurts us all. Alternatives include: 1) Contact Mission Ministries to donate clothes and furniture rather than dumping them. 2) Contact City of Hayward Streets Department which has tickets which allow families to take items to the Davis Street Transfer Station in San Leandro for FREE disposal of up to 2 cubic yards per ticket. 3) Work with landlords for proper dumping. Together we can meet our needs and keep the neighborhood clean!


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