95 Glassbrook Family Members, Neighbors and AmeriCorps Volunteers turned out and wowed us all with their enthusiasm and community spirit!

In a large circle on Huntwood Road families gathered to hear about how to plant trees and beautify our neighborhood.

We planted an additional 20 Myrtle Trees along Huntwood bringing the total on our new “Tree-Lined Boulevard” to over 100 new trees planted in the past 2 years by a wonderful partnership of the City and our Glassbrook Neighborhood Cleanup Team!

Tim Doughty of the City’s Landscape Division led a crew of 5 City Employees who showed us how to plant the trees.

Many Glassbrook Families pitched in!  The kids loved shoveling the dirt around the tree roots.

Special Thanks to neighborhood volunteer David Ringo for his energy and effort in working with the City to make the dream of a tree-lined boulevard become a reality! Special Thanks to Thomas Rossi, Landscape Maintenance Director, and Matt McGrath, Maintenance Services Director, for their major commitment of funding, installation and watering. The trees are a result of a dynamic partnership of the City of Hayward and the Glassbrook Cleanup Team.  Funding has been 50% donations and 50% City support.

Volunteers also did a great job picking up trash and debris on our regular 5 miles of streets including: Huntwood from Huntwood Way to Harris, Gading, Schafer, Patrick,Harder Road from Soto to Grocery Outlet, Tyrrell Aand Manon from Schafer to Shepherd.

Special Thanks to Ms. Rosalva Ruiz and Ms. Maria Radilla and their families for keeping us organized with the litter grabber checkout. We also appreciated the popcorn! And this dynamic team has solicited donations from Mi Pueblo so that at next month’s cleanup we will raffle off gift certificates to our cleanup volunteers! Way to Go!

As always, we are deeply appreciative of Councilman Mark Salinas and his Kids Breakfast Club.  The stuff us with a hearty breakfast of Scrambled Eggs and Pancakes before we hit the streets!  Many AmeriCorps volunteers pitch in to cook the breakfast and to staff the cleanup.  Special Thanks to Marilyn Montenegro who organized the AmeriCorps contingent.

We appreciate all the support of the City of Hayward Streets Division.  They do a great job hauling away all the bags and dumped furniture for us!  And we are so appreciative of the support of Blytha Bowers and the Keep Hayward Clean & Green Task Force of which our efforts as a standing neighborhood team are one small part!

We want to Thank Glassbrook Principal Jessica Saavedra for promoting the cleanup and making it all possible! You do so much for Glassbrook!

Principal Jessica Saavedra has rallied the Glassbrook families to our cause and we can’t thank her enough!

Next Cleanup is Sat Nov 10th!  See you then!

Warm Regards,

Greg Galati, Glassbrook Cleanup Team Volunteer


About Colleen Arnold, PhD

Psychotherapist, Mother and Writer, not necessarily in that order.
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