35 students, parents and neighbors celebrated the end of 4th of July week by cleaning local streets on Saturday July 7th! Our heroes include:

Ms. Rosalva Ruiz and Ms. Maria Radilla who organized volunteers; and cleaned Harder from Gading to Jackson! It was heavy work!

Maria Fernanda Ruiz for making the litter grabber check-out and check-in a breeze!

Councilman Mark Salinas and the most excellent Kids Breakfast Club volunteers who served up Huge Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Scrambled Eggs with Red Bell Peppers! Yum!

Mr. Gonzalo Rico and son Bryant for excellent work on Schafer.

Summer counselor Nasim Nullen and her team of Oscar, Giovanni, Ana, Jorge and Esparanza for making Gading shine!

Summer Wahilani and her daughter for tackling Chisolm Court, Clarkford and Schafer

Mr. Dick Hammer who single-handedly cleaned to very littered area behind the Huntwood Railroad Fence

David Ringo who cleaned up behind Tennyson High.

Other great helpers on Patrick and Tyrrell:
Summer Counselor Aram Proudman and his team of Isabel, Augustine, Esperanza, Zion and Heaven, Miracle, Dayse Garcia, Patricia Lizarraga and Ruby Patricia!  And many others as well !

Mr. Antonio Cervantes, Glassbrook teacher, for getting out the robocalls and being sure we had everything we needed Saturday!
Thank you all !

We also want to thank the Tyrrell Neighborhood Association for great work at consistently keeping the area south of Schafer so clean! It is looking great!

Way to go Neighborhood Heroes!


About Colleen Arnold, PhD

Psychotherapist, Mother and Writer, not necessarily in that order.
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