160 Volunteers Clean 6 miles in Glassbrook March 2012 Cleanup Honoring Cesar Chavez!

An Amazing 160 Glassbrook Neighbors, Americorp Volunteers and Kids Breakfast Club Volunteers honored the life of Cesar Chavez by cleaning our neighborhood on Saturday March 10.  We made 5-6 miles of Hayward Streets shine!

In addition to the streets we regularly clean once each month (Huntwood from Gading to Harris, Schafer, Gading, Patrick, Belvedere & Parts of Manon, Tyrrell and Shepherd), thanks to the great turnout we were able to add:   Harder from Jane down to Santa Clara; Cypress from Harder almost to Jackson and Parts of Tennyson.


Principal Ruben Pulido for his tireless efforts rallying families!

Councilman Mark Salinas for providing another fantastic breakfast of premium scrambled eggs, French toast and strawberries!

Sabrina Aranda and the whole Americorp Team for excellent organization and turnout!  Americorp and Glassbrook Families cleaned out the Glassbrook Garden of last year’s growth and painted the garden boxes in time for spring planting!

Rosalva Ruiz and Maria Radilla for handling litter grabber checkout.

Blytha Bowers and Keep Hayward Clean & Green Task force for your excellent work throughout the City.

Todd Rullman, city truck driver Jerry,  and the Hayward Streets Department for outstanding, fast service in hauling away so much debris!

Special Thanks are also in order to the Tyrrell Neighborhood Association which has been cleaning Manon, Tyrrell and Shepherd very regularly –things are much better and your team deserves lots of credit!  Thank you TNA for your great service to our neighborhood!

Here are more photos of the March 2012 Glassbrook Neighborhood Cleanup Event in Honor of Cesar Chavez:


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3 Responses to 160 Volunteers Clean 6 miles in Glassbrook March 2012 Cleanup Honoring Cesar Chavez!

  1. Dear Glassbrook,

    Thank you for the acknowledgement of the tremendous work being done by the Tyrrell Neighborhood Association! Volunteers are out on the streets on a daily basis. While you mentioned Tyrrell, Manon and Shepherd, you should also recognize our efforts in picking up litter and junk on Schafer, Harris, Harris Court, Huntwood, Leidig, Patrick, Gading, Whitman, and West Tennyson.

    In addition to litter pickup, Tyrrell Neighborhood volunteers have been helping neighbors paint their fences, which has been a tremendous boost to the neighborhood!

    Go to tyrrellneighborhoodassociation.wordpress.com to get help from your neighbors to paint your fence!

    The Tyrrell Neighborhood Association

  2. Tom says:

    Are you going to pick up Chisholm Court? It is right next to Glassbrook.

    • Our Glassbrook team does cover Chisolm Ct. each month, at our second Saturday of the month cleanup. If you live on Chisolm Ct. and would like to keep it clean more regularly, we would be happy to provide you with a litter grabber and some bags.

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