New Trees Start Lining Huntwood at Schafer!

18 Beautiful New Swamp Myrtle Evergreen Trees were planted today on Huntwood from Schafer down toward Shepherd. These trees are part of a beautification effort spearheaded by neighbor David Ringo. David deserves our great thanks for regularly cleaning up the area along the Huntwood tracks over the past two years, He set out a goal of planting trees along Huntwood from Schafer down to Harris and is making it happen through his perseverence, fund-raising and strong efforts. Thank you David!

The trees were planted today by Tim Doughty of Landscape Division, who has been of great help in handling planning and installation. He appears here with Mike, a colleague at Landscape Maintenance who planted the trees with Tim today. Thank you Tim for your considerable help!Swamp Myrtles are an excellent, draught tolerant tree, prized for their evergreen foliage, low maintenance needs, and minimal leaf droppage. Over time they will fill in nicely as they grow to about 25 feet in height and 15 feet in width.


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