These photos show the Huntwood Fence recently installed by Union Pacific Railroad. Concerned neighbors appreciate the City’s offer to work with us to mitigate the visual impact of the fence that was installed without neighborhood consultation over a three block span of Huntwood. Neighbors also want to work with the city and railroad regarding strong objections to Phase II which would impact the area around Tennyson High School and Chavez Middle School. We all recognize that safety enhancements are important, but they need to be done in such a way as to avoid the major visual impact of this fence as currently designed.



The fence catches the sun in the afternoon and from 1pm-5pm produces a garish silver sheen which is quite pronounced.  Neighbors report the fence “shimmers.”  As you travel the length of the three blocks the “sheen” travels with you and is most pronounced directly across from the viewer’s vantage point.



Galvanized steel construction — far more dense than even your run-of-the-mill chain-link fence.

Neighbors are gathering their ideas for a meeting with City staff. Many are advocating that the current fence be painted to stop the sheen. Many appreciate the Landscape Division’s offer to plant trees and shrubs to mitigate the impact, but want to be sure a comprehensive landscaping plan occurs. Many strongly object to any further fencing along Huntwood and look forward to dialoguing with the city about this.Image

ImageThis photo (taken during afternoon sun) shows the contrast between the new galvanized steel fence (left) and traditional chain link fencing (on the right).  No filter or photo shopping was used in any of these photos. This is the way the fence looks in sunlight. The dense construction prevents people from climbing the fence (a benefit to the Railroad), but also provides a surface for tagging and in the sun can be quite bright with concentrated impact.

We look forward to a positive process with the City as we try to resolve these complex issues in a way favorable to everyone.


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