55 kids, parents and neighbors made the neighborhood sparkle!  It was our best and most enthusiastic turnout in over a year!
Thanks to you we hauled away:
Dozens of bags of trash and debris
A discarded plastic baby bathtub
Broken dumped suitcases and luggage
Broken Baby Strollers
Several large mattresses
Several large couches
Piles of wood planks
A fancy abandoned dining room chair
Chests of drawers and stereo speakers
The Neighborhood looks Great once again!
Thanks to you we thoroughly cleaned 4.25 miles of streets including:
Huntwood from Huntwood Way to Harris
Tyrrell from Schafer to Shepherd
Mannon from Schafer to Shepherd
Harder Road from the Train Overpass nearly to Grocery Outlet
Special Thanks to Rosalva Ruiz and Nery Lopez who kept the volunteers organized and helped them check out litter grabbers!
Special Thanks to Yvonne Martinez for bringing out the popcorn wagon for all the kids (and adults)!
Special Thanks to Sister and Elder Chamberlain from the Mormon Church on Gading who brought a crew of six volunteers
Special Thanks to Prinicipal Pulido and all the GREAT FAMILIES of Glassbrook School including today’s  excellent volunteers:
Flor Gonzalez and child Adrianna and Miguel
Yvonne Martinez and children Rosalinda and Magdalena
Castillo Concepcion and son Ivan
Gustavo Calixto and children Jazmin and Jerry Calixto
Maria Alderete and son Joseph Medina
Ms. Gutierrez and son Bryan Gutierrez
Hermelinda Sanchez and children Carlos and Sofia
Joana Munos and son Jose Armando Garcia
James Martinez and son Dayton Martinez
Student Marco Martinez
Nery and Miguel Lopez and children Arely Lopez, and Xavier and Abril
Mr. Gonzolo Rico and son Bryan Rico
Veronica Flores and child Lindsay Rico
Miguel Peralta and son Miguel Peralta
Magaly Banda and children Irmo, Jose, Giovanni Magal and Jordi
Maribel Marcias and Karol Ramirez
Irma Silva and children Jorge Santizo and Jazlyn Santizo
Ana Gonzales and children Alejandro and Andrea

About Colleen Arnold, PhD

Psychotherapist, Mother and Writer, not necessarily in that order.
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