Dumping Ordinance Revised

GREAT NEWS!  The Hayward Streets Department is working hard to get a new anti-dumping ordinance passed through the City Council.   It would hold landlords financially responsible for items they or their tenants dump at the front of their properties (expecting the City Trucks to pick up the debris for free).  The attorneys for the city first asserted that landlords would need to be given up to two weeks time (under due process) to remove dumped items.  This, of course, would mean that the blight would sit for two weeks….UGH!  But the Streets Department advanced our cause and got the City Attorney Office to agree that landlords would have just three days to remove the dumped items after notice is served to them….. A huge victory for our efforts to clean up our most blighted streets!

Below is the e-mail we received from Todd Rullman regarding the timetable:

Hello Greg…wanted to update you and your group on our latest meeting about the dumping ordinance. CAO has agreed to allow us to give folks 3 calendar days from owners receipt of certified notice to abate the nuisance. Schedule moving forward will be as follows. 1. Request submitted to go on council agenda April 1st.

2. Goes before City Council around May 1st with set fees.

3. Community outreach about new policy from May-June 30th.

4. Begin enforcement- July 1, 2011.

You may not be aware that MSD has a new Administrative Analyst: Denise Blohm who has contributed countless hours working with us to push this agenda and has provided great leadership it ensuring our new ordinance has “teeth” in it as we have discussed numerous times. Without her contributions, we would not be moving at the current pace. We will keep you updated as to our progress as it relates to a Council date to allow you and your group the opportunity to be present when this momentous step forward finally becomes City policy as you’ve requested. Keep up the good work, as always MSD appreciates your efforts to clean-up our City one street at a time!


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