Great Results on Saturday’s Cleanup

Once again we have pulled off extraordinary results this past Saturday, February 12:
45 family members (25 adults and 20 kids) turned out on a gloriously sunny day to make our neighborhood look spectacular!
Many volunteers commented that we really seem to be making progress as the litter we cleaned seemed lighter this time, especially on our traditionally toughest stretch:  Huntwood Avenue between Schafer and Harris.  There is no doubt about it:  All of your EXCELLENT EFFORTS as volunteers and weekly cleanup captains is really paying off!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Our streets shine!

We again thoroughly cleaned our target 4 miles including:
Gading from Harder to Schafer
Patrick from Schafer to Tennyson
All of Schafer
Tyrrell from Schafer to Shepherd
Manon from Schafer to Shepherd
Huntwood from Huntwood Way to Tennyson
The City Trucks again hauled off an assortment of discarded doors, broken chairs, bald tires, busted easy chairs, mattresses and filled bags.
In just two weeks the KEEP HAYWARD  CLEAN & GREEN TASK FORCE swoops in to uplift our neighborhood!  Please join them on Saturday February 26 (8:30-am to 12 Noon)! Community Service Hours are Available!    Meet at Huntwood and Schafer in the Victory Outreach Parking Lot.  They do an awesome job of litter and debris pickup, cutting shoes from wires, and removing graffiti tags!  We are thrilled they are backing us up with their awesome help!  If you have specific tags that are bugging you, send me the location and I will pass it along to them for removal that day.
Please Put our Next Glassbrook Cleanup Dates on your calendar as well:

Saturday March 12, 2011

Saturday April 16, 2011

Saturday May 14, 2011

Saturday June 4, 2011

See you there!



About Colleen Arnold, PhD

Psychotherapist, Mother and Writer, not necessarily in that order.
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